Thursday, November 11, 2021

Oh my, its been like 8 months..

little catch up..

Thinking of our Veterans Today, especially mine.. up in heaven.

Happy 16th Birthday Jayden!
November 9th. Wow, Weird! Love!

JD of course was trying to get Brodies cake..

Cobblers are still cobbling! 
Will catch you up soon!

Mom and Dad are doing good!
mom had surgery in September. 
Sister Jana stayed with mom 
(Fargo,ND 1 1/2 hour drive)
I stayed with dad and got him back and forth
for his dialysis treatments..
and a visit to see his bride!

Kitty is still spoiled..

not sure who torments who..
(koa, grandpup whos at grandma puppy daycare everyday)

Grandbabe Brody broke his arm 
in like the 2nd football game of season..

youngest grandbabe Abigail is walking!
sister Elizabeth and brother Henry are good!

Brodys sisters grandbabes Avery and Callie
having fun with school! 

i just finished these 2 penny rugs
that i started i think in my march post
i worked on them a night and 
enjoyed every stitch,
Dennis had given my Cindys wool quilt
that i used as the base and in some pennys..
Cindy and i kinda competed in the garden
so these flowers reminded me of us..

this one is for Dennis..

a quick catch up from my house, 
hope all my blog friends are well!
i will get by to visit!!!
it is rainy, foggy and we are expecting
the white stuff...
enjoy your days my blog friends!         jody


  1. so good to see you post! sorry about the broken arm the oh boy the rest are growing fast.
    Can't wait for a cobbler update Love your penny rugs

  2. Heavenly thank you to your hubby for his service.
    Good to see a post from you. Everyone is growing so big. So nice to see mom and dad are still doing well!

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