Monday, May 23, 2022

I took the plunge again..

yesterday, i decided it was a good
dyeing day.. 
i used a couple recipes from
Beautiful Wool - A Hand-Dyers Guide
by Laurice Heath
the Primitive Green was the first
and i love how it turned out..
i didn't stir much as i wanted some modeling.

then i did a Old Christmas Red
altho i neglected to read to dye over a red..
so i have Old Christmas Brown!
I am happy with these too! 
may go back and make more sometime
as i think a couple would be good for backgrounds

Last was going back and trying the recipe again
dyeing over some bright reds i have.
i love how they turned out!
much prettier in person.

so yesterday was a good 
Dyeing day for me! 
cant wait to have another!

I am working on this rug
for daughter Angela.
she wanted a teal bird..
the rest is up to me!

enjoy your day my blog friends!     jody

* we have been having so much rain, its been awful!
today its sunny and 46 above. 
will warm up so i will be out raking leaves
off the perennials finally!


  1. Your greens and reds are perfect! That Christmas brown will come in handy,!
    Hopefully your weather will improve. 46* is much too chilly for the end of May, no matter where you live ;-)

  2. yikes we have had weird cold weather too. first it is 90 and then it is 40. I love your dying I want to get into the dye pot may not happen for a while I have so much gardening to do
    love your rug

  3. I love your beautiful results with the dyeing. It's so satisfying when it turns out the way we want. I need to dye but it will have to wait as I'm busy working in the yard and gardens. Just too much to do.

    The weather has been a bit erratic here also. I had to bring all my seedlings in last night as we had frost warning.
    Have a great week.