Monday, April 29, 2013

Busy few Days.. and a give away!

gosh what a busy weekend! Daughter Angie got home fine from her week long in the cities.. and im off dog duty! Didnt mind at all but it does feel good to be home and today will be catch up day!
Saturday the 27th was Dads 75th Birthday!! Happy 75 DAD!! YUM!!

Cindy girlfriend and i got up early and traveled to a sale! Fun! filled the back
seat of the pick-up and part of the back end!
look at her wonderful 5.00 treasure thats going in her dining room!
she always spots the coolest things!! 

Cindy/Dennis have 3 pet turtles, besides 
a pup and birds.. she rescued this one from
the humane society.. i think this is maxine...

my favorite .20 cent find!! whoo hoo!! 

i picked this bedding up for daughter Angie, jcpennys brand for 20.

it looks great with her bedroom set that mom and dad
gave her since shes the only grand-daughter..
it was my dads sisters.. she also has a tall dresser. 

The ice was going thru when Cindy and I were leaving town
this is right up the street from our houses. it goes around in a horse
shoe shape and we have this behind us too, we can look out the bedroom windows and watch it...look how close to the top of the dike...

Daughter Angies friends thru her a

DIL Jessica came from Duluth,
Tonya and Katie.. love these girls...

Jason was busy in Duluth and
actually Janas other son Luke and wife Heidi were in there with him!
(sorry Jas had to put this picture on here!!)

Son Jeff and friends teachen the little ones how to play pool! 

Janas son Nick who just turned 21, stopped by to wish
Angie happy b-day!

And look Who G-Ma had for the night!
these two lil MUNCHKINS!!

Sister Jana/Steves son AJ and Girlfriend Kennedy
at their JR. Prom! (she wore a vintage dress)

Just got this picture of Ethan ( late sister Joans son ) 
and AJ, sister Janas son, at prom with their dates!
great picture!

Sunday guess who went to the circus! i told them to look
out for tigers and look at this next picture! 

Tonya sent this picture last night and i think
the weekend wore Sadie girl out!!
This is the way i felt too after a busy but really
nice weekend! Now to catch up!!

Check out the give away over at Harvest Moon!! i will be putting
in on my side bar right after im done here but here is her link!!

Enjoy your day!            jody


  1. What a wonderful fun packed weekend.
    Thanks for sharing all your delights. Happy birthday to your Dad.

  2. wow! lots of great family photos!
    happy for all the birthdays!
    Dad's cake, boy that looks good!
    great buys y'all got , love the book & the clock!!!
    happy to know you had a great weekend!
    'hope you have a great week too!

  3. Wow! It has been a special and busy time for you! Saturday happened to be my husband's 73rd birthday! Mine was last Thursday, and our oldest daughter's is also on my birthday, too. Have a good week! Nellie

  4. when i am 75, i want one of those. what a fun weekend you all had!

  5. Hi Jody, what family filled fun times, great pictures, your Dad is adorable with his cake.....Glad the girls had fun at her 30th party, wow, to be 30 again......Great finds, love that book, blessings Francine.

  6. Hi Jody,
    Wow what a fun filled weekend!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and posting my giveaway on my side bar. The best part of having a giveaway is meeting new bloggers. I'm a follower of your now.
    Enjoy your day,