Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jumped in the truck....

and we were off! 7:15 this morning with coffee in hand! cindy had called a few days ago and said there was a church sale so off we went. we are in another winter storm watch up here actually expecting 8-12 inches of snow. the roads were good for us dispirit soles out looking for treasures!

another quilt...for 1.50 i couldnt just leave it there... 
was about out of candles! so stocked up!! 
poor sadie girl has allergys.. so we went to see what we try next.. 
where we going grandma?
sadies saying.. i have had enough for one day and
i hope i dont have to do that again...
after 3 shots, antibiotics for 10 days and steroids, i sure hope
she feels better!
enjoy your weekend!           jody


  1. Wow, candle jackpot, how great.....I would have bought the quilt too,never have to many.......Hope Sadie is ok.....Blessings Francine.

  2. Abby would like Sadie to know she understands her misery. Looks like you scored some good stuff before the Big Snow!

  3. Looks like you faired will even with the snow.We are finally have spring here in PA hope it stays.Our beagle gets allegies too.Hope sadie is getting relief.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Well if there's a good sale then snow or no snow...I'd go! lol
    What a lovely and different quilt and those a find.

  5. great finds but poor sadie! teddy has bad allergies but i have stopped meds. i think she was just as bed with meds as without them. hope she feels better soon!

  6. You can never have enough candles! Poor Sadie, hope she gets to feeling better!

  7. Oh, my! I guess they would have to be garage sales instead of yard sales. I would have to get out after all of that snow too! Great finds... Awww, Sadie... I am so sorry you're not feeling so good. Bailey is allergic to grass. Like walking on it. It makes her feet itch. I wish Charlie would be allergic to chewing on things!

    Hope spring comes soon, dear!

  8. I wonder if Sadie has a wheat allergy. Since you have snow on the ground it may be that. My daughters lab has to have special food and his treats are carrots. Just a thought it cause a lot of skin issues for him.
    you got some great stuff!

  9. Oh, sweet Sadie! She has been through the mill!

    I love good church sales! Next week-end there is one at our own church!

  10. Hi Jody,
    Love your treasures! You do have more snow than we have now! Hope it warms up soon for you!
    Our dog Smokey has allergies too and since I've taken him off all foods with grains, potatoes etc. and his treats are carrots and grain free treats he doesn't have the skin problems anymore. He is diabetic also so couldn't do the steroids. has all the grain free food and treats and ships quick.
    Sadie looks like such a sweetheart!
    Hope things go better soon!!
    Cathy G