Monday, April 15, 2013

Show and Tell from...

our long distant cobblestone corner cobbler! This is my cousin Beth (Auntie Pats daughter) who has moved to warm and sunny California. But she is never far from our hearts!! she sent me a couple pictures of quilts she had made and now has been renting time on a long arm and machine quilting them! Beth is another one of those really talented... and always up to something creative! she actually also just ran in a marathon! whoo hoo Beth!


way to go # 264!!
Beths son Logan and a friend with moms metals! 
enjoy your day!!!          jody
Is it spring yet?????


  1. What a talented girl and ambitious to try out the long arm quilter. It looks beautiful.
    Cute proud kids with mama's medals.

    Spring is finally here today and my daylillies are finally poking out of the ground in the raised bed.

    Have a good week.

  2. Beautiful quilt...great work.
    What beautiful children

  3. Oh! I love that kitty in the basket! Beautiful quilt! Yay for Beth and her run!

  4. Spring comes and goes when it feels like it!

    What a wonderful quilt! She is talented. Two things I can't do- quilt or run. I am faster than my students. Sadly, they are 11 years old.

    I always love visiting. Especially as you scroll down to post, seeing all of the pets! So adorable!


  5. beautiful quilts!
    great for her!! go girl!!

  6. Love the quilts and her son is very cute (already a ladies man I see). I can quilt, but could not run a marathon to save my life. This can be explained by my feeling the way Cindy looks in her basket photo - She may be cranky, but at least Cindys' got cute going for her & I cannot say the same. Have a good weekl

  7. Just lovely quilts! Thank you for your kind words on my post - it is beyond horrific.