Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The last Wednesday of the Month!

and i forgot! tonight is cobbler night! I think my mind has gone to the dogs... thank goodness Carol P e-mailed us and said she was making/bringing a wonderful desert! I wonder if they would have called if i didn't show up! Ha!.. tonight we meet at sister Janas to tie quilts!
Yesterday i got treasures in the mail from Debbie at barefoot primitives. i won her give away! whoo hoo my first blog win!! love it all Debbie thanx so much!!

working on soap with supervision! 
found good things in daughter Angies fridge! 
Oliver still watching for Angie!
looking out the window above the sink... 
The Moose is still hanging around town.. laying in someones yard! So sweet!
the DNR is keeping track of him and figure he is young and misses his mom. 
Enjoy your day!!        Jody


  1. great win! i love those tags! oliver is too cute looking out the window.

  2. What a fun winning...congratulations Jody...

  3. Afternoon Jody, wonderful win, great goodies.......Poor Oliver, waiting for Angie......Love the sweet Moose, hope he stays safe.....Blessings Francine.

  4. Where has this month gone?!? Yes, here we are at the fourth Wednesday! Enjoy your evening!
    Also, a belated birthday wish to Angie!

  5. Have fun tonight.
    Congrats on the win.
    That moose is too funny.
    Hugs :)

  6. What a awesome silly moose.
    Wow lots of wonderful soap.
    Hope you had a blast lastnight.
    Woolie Hugs