Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The SUN is shining and

the SNOW is MELTING! It is even suppose to get to 40 above today!! It has been slowly melting which is good cuz now the big word in the area up here is FLOOD! so a slow melt is a great thing..
I saw sister Jana's car over at mom/dads so thought i could get a good picture for my blog... and they decided Dad was the only one that look PHOTOGENIC this am! Dad also has a birthday the end of this month! Woohoo!
GREAT picture Dad, thank you!! as i didn't have much for my blog today,
I've just been working on paperwork and ebay stuff..
enjoy your day!       jody


  1. Beautiful flowers! Your dad is a good sport to agree to be in the picture for the blog!

    Glad there is melting of snow happening for you. It has been a long winter for you, and you probably are wondering when spring is coming.:-)

    Spring is later than some years here. The dogwoods and redbuds are not blooming at this point, so they will be blooming throughout the month once they start.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Hi Jody, ahhh, your Dad is so cute with the tulips, cute....ya, we need a slow melt too, all we here now is the word flooding....Blessings Francine.

  3. Your Dad is very photogenic & his portrait will make a great family treasure. We had the strangest weekend weather here in Portland. We went from highs in the 40's to weekend high of 76 degrees and then right back down to the 50's. The change was so sudden that the heat was almost too much. But it was a beautiful & unexpected gift for Easter. Out here you often have to have your shorts stored next to your parka. Barely any transitional seasons at all. I hope you start to warm up soon and Spring arrives at your home very soon.

  4. Good picture of your dad and what pretty tulips!

  5. I just love your mom and dad. They are so sweet! Your dad is photogenic! He makes the flowers look good! :)

    No snow here, but it's cold. It's time for spring! Glad your snow is melting!

    Have a great evening, Jody!


  6. such cute pictures of your dad. There is nothing melting here.we are very very cold.

  7. Great pictures of your dad and his blooming tulips. He's a great sport.

    The snow is gone here except for small patches here and there but today has been cold here too and colder over night. It keeps the water levels down and its a good thing. We live beside the river and every year there is always flooding concerns.


  8. Oh Jody your dad is so cute! Really...and you are so lucky to have him.