Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday and Sunshine!

so the grandpups, emma and I are heading out to the yard for a bit!
i did stop up at a sale here in town of a quilter i know and found a few goodies..
these 3 little totes with lots of pockets inside, i call them project totes.. 2. a piece

this fabric all for 1.25..
and a couple stitchery patterns..

another project case and a " Vera " potholder

and this americana bunny wall hanging for 1.25
its a bit faded but thought it would be fun to hang in the garden on the fence over july 4th.

Daughter Angie/grandbabe #1, Jeff/Tonya all made it home safe from Arizona..

Angie, grandbabe and i went out for chinese and
they filled me in on their trip, not 10 minutes after
she dropped me off she sent this picture...

and the birds are busy! so fun to watch and see color!!

Enjoy your day my Blogging Friends!          jody


  1. You've been busy with those sales! Great to hear of the family's safe return!

  2. Gotta love those sales, wheeee... Glad to hear family is back safe and sound, Francine.

  3. Always a relief when traveling family is back home safely! Love the Orioles.

  4. Hi Jody,
    I must say those little totes are just too cute - love the colors on them too.
    What size are they if you please!! And the price, they might as well have given them to you...LOL

    Someone must have REALLY, REALLY wanted to get rid of things at those prices...1.25 for all that fabric...wowzer.

    Glad your family had safe travels...oh that Angie is darling! Cute pictures of family!


  5. Such a cute pic of your little grandson; tired little one. It's always such a relief when our family members arrive home safely.

    I'd love to find some fabric for that amount of money. It might even prompt me to try and make another quilt. :)

    Hope you're having an enjoyable and safe weekend.