Sunday, March 10, 2019

quick catch up..

as we got lots more snow yesterday/last night so im heading out for a day of snowblowing, this picture was earlier yesterday, as the snow was starting..
here is  after the snow. i havent started here yet. just finished mom & dads,
took me 2 hours over there... im sure i will miss the start of the nascar race today as i have a good 2 or more hours here. ugg... but have stitching to look forward to!
jason sent this picture of Henry before this last snow..

mom finished her bead project and is working on another.. sister jana ordered her a couple to do for us! here is the one she is working on now for herself!

this is called sole mate, the one shes working on now.

the other morning Nick, sister Janas son brought baby Jack over for a visit. mom and dads newest great grandbabe. they both were on the floor with him! he is smiling and cooing and way to cute!

enjoy your day my blog friends....        jody


  1. those last two pictures are just so sweet. So sorry for the snow spring I hope is on the way

  2. It didn't take very long for your Mom to finish her Owl and to start another beaded project. Those pictures of your Mom and Dad are just so sweet. Love that baby smiling and the little on on his tricycle in the snow. We are all waiting for spring. Only 9 more days to Official Spring.
    Hugs, Julia