Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Finished projects!

fresh off the frame and a little steaming done! just needs a little tweaking.
im trying to not be to anal about the heights of the noodles.. that will come right!?
son Jeff and wife Tonya got me this kit for Christmas. i tend to hook tight so ran out of a couple colors including pink but found some in my stash and coffee stained it! it was for a chair pad but i wanted to hang it from a branch in one of my porches so changed it a bit... i love it!
thank you so much guys! very thoughtful gift for me!
 mom is still working on her projects and i cant believe how fast she is! even having
 cataract surgery's, hasn't slowed her down one bit!
done! and this ones for me! cant wait to frame it and find the perfect place for it!

enjoy your day my blog friends!                   jody


  1. love your piece show it hanging when you get it all set.
    you mom can probably see better than ever now.

  2. Sweet hooked piece.
    Is mom's piece all beaded? So pretty.

  3. Your little rug turned out really good. My hoops are never even but after the steaming and pressing you can't tell.
    Your mom is just amazing. It's so nice that she is so into doing these beaded pieces. I think her eyes are better than mine.

    Take care and have a great weekend. PS. Sorry I missed commenting on this one. I got side tracked.
    Hugs, Julia